Best Practices



“ To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art” EVIDENCE OF PROGRAMME ON NUTRITION & HEALTH: In the year of 2017-2018 department of Foods & Nutrition and Bio-Chemistry conducted 3 days camp for the subject “Community Nutrition” regarding Assessment of Nutritional and Health Status of selected school going children (6-11 years) at “Municipal Govt. School”, Vadacheri. The following program was conducted by our students for the benefit of School students. Nutrition Education Awareness about Health and Nutrition clinical assessment; Learning the details about their own physiological functions, Action plan in nutrition and health education, gaining knowledge about methods of cooking, Uses, Storage and preservation. Supplement nourished foods with plenty of nutrients.

In the next consecutive month similar kind of camp was conducted but with the addition of Blood Group analysis among the selected school going children between 11 to 14 years at “Govt. Higher secondary School”, Vellakuttai, Vellore District. The following program was conducted for the benefits of the School students belonging to rural area. The camp was proved to be very effective as it has created enormous impact of knowledge about nutrition among these students. Apart from this, on the occasion of ‘National Science Day’ conducted on 29th February 2018, a book comprising all the details about nutritious values of Cereals & Millets was distributed to the parents belonging to surroundings of Vaniyambadi.

Our institution also had a tie up (Memorandum Of Understanding) with (VDF) Vaniyambadi Development Forum. In joint collaboration with VDF, we organized awareness program on “Health and Hygiene”, Sample of Nutritious food item like mixture of protein based sprouted sundal was distributed, side by side the people were also cautioned about the ill-effect of ‘Food Coloring’, ‘Soft-drinks’,’ Stale Foods’, ‘Junk Foods’ and ‘Fried items’. Power Point presentation was highlighted on concept of “kitchen cleanliness and hygienic practices”.


CONTEXT: Nutrition Education Awareness about health and Nutrition clinical assessment learning the details about their own Physiological functions.

PRACTICE: This practice sensitizes the students about action plan, nutrition and, health education, gaining knowledge about methods of cooking, uses, storage and preservation, Supplementation nourished foods with plenty of nutrients.



OBJECTIVE OF THE PRACTICE: Providing affordable medical check-ups for the common people, helps in effective realization of the social consciousness and responsibility of the institution, simultaneously serving the dual purpose of creating awareness on health and hygiene while aiding in both primary preventive diagnostic care.

PRACTICE: Medical camps are frequently organized by the Department of NFSMD and Biochemistry.

A Group of Cardiologists from MMM Hospital visited the college in a “Mobile unit” equipped

with Treadmill, ECHO and ECG. People from this region were provided with a chance to have free Medical check-up.

Vasan Eye care from Ambur visited the college campus to render free Eye check-up for the

general public.

Narayana hrudayalaya from Bangalore conducted Free Cardio Check- up in the campus.


OBJECTIVE OF THE PRACTICE: The main objectives of this practice are

To improve the academic standards and to develop the quality of competence required to meet the changing trend of current scenario.

THE CONTEXT: We inspire the students to be focused on real world problems of industries and their current required skills because companies no longer focus for academic excellence, aptitude, group discussions and interview skills but also looking at how well the students are prepared to work in their companies. In a nut shell, industries need employable graduates for their support and service. We construct the bridge between students and industries for proper placement through this practice. The practices reflect on aims and objective of empowering women and to bringing them in the mainstream to compete as equals with men.

This practice operates on three levels as:-

 Interview skill Training.

  1. MOU with Industry and Institutes.
  2. Alumni employed as faculty.
  3. Placement Opportunity.

The practice operated in following four levels

  1. Interview skill Training

Campus recruitment training programme in our college is designed to aid and support our candidates to prepare for recruitment through Campus Placement Programs. UG and PG -Final year students are trained with mock interviews The candidates are trained thoroughly in the following areas. 

Barclays Global Youth Employability Initiated with two days Training Program on 11th and

12th January 2018. 550 students from UG and PG final year attended the training program for two days. 

  1. Training and Placements cell organized one day workshop on TNPSC Exam on 30th January 2018. Mr. Baskaran Krishnamurthy Income tax officer, Chennai and Dr. Uma Mageshwari, HOD of Sanskrit Department, Queen Mary’s College, Chennai was the resource person. 
  1. Career Awareness Program| 14th October 2017: Vellore Institute of Computer Technology Organized Career Awareness Program for all the UG and PG students. 
  1. On 11th and 12th January 2018. 550 students of UG and PG final years attended the Training Program for two days. 
  1. Campus Drive: On 26th March 2018 Unique Academy, Vaniyambadi organized Campus Drive at College campus. 22 students from UG and PG English and Mathematics attended the drive. 
  1. Students were selected for the final round and they were placed at Unique Academy, Vaniyambadi. 
  1. MOU with Industry and Institute

The college has academic partnership with HCL, a software company based in Chennai .The partnership promoted training programme to our students on” New trends in software technology and current perspectives in the field.” 

MOU has made with Vanitech, Effluent treatment Plant which treats the Tannery effluent water which is recycled and used back by the Tannery. With the help of this MoU Faculty and Students of our college finds opportunity to do projects in Solid and Liquid waste Management. 

MOU with Paramedical Institute endowed skills on Medical Lab technology and Employability

MOU with ICA (TALLY) facilitated employment opportunity in Banking Sector, Companies etc.,


The eligible and qualified alumni got recruited in our college as per the rules and regulations of University. Many of the alumni are currently working as Assistant Professors in our college.


We promote the local organizers for providing jobs to the students of our college. Presently, our students are working in local credit cooperative societies, departmental stores, hospitals and schools etc. 



OBJECTIVE OF THE PRACTICE: Extension activities are made mandatory for the students to promote Community linkage with Social Responsibility, Interaction with the people and Problem analyzing and solving skills. 

PRACTICE: In Contemporary society, the students are ignorant about the problems of the society where they live. Therefore, it is realized that the students must be sensitized about the society and extension activities are made mandatory for them. 

1.NSS, Youth Red Cross Society, and Red Ribbon Club are functioning in the College and they involve the students in the activities like community service.

  1. Organizing camps like AIDS , Cancer, and Dengue Awareness etc.
  2. Blood Donation Camps, Screening Camps for Heart, Bone disorders, Breast Cancer etc.,
  3. Students' contribution to Old Age Homes by frequent visits, physical and monetary help.
  4. Campus cleaning and Beautification.
  5. Drive against Domestic Violence. 


Students realized the challenges faced by the school drop outs in society. They have also realized the value and importance of education for their upliftment. As a result, the dropouts from our college have drastically declined. Students have developed the quality of integrity through the extension activities. The students’ volunteer act as scribes for the visually and physically challenged candidates in the college during competitive examinations. Student participation in various socio-cultural activities has also greatly increased. 


1.Fund mobilization to organize events of the clubs encountered as the major problem

2.Society being orthodox Muslim community, Muslim Girls finds difficulty in getting permission to participate in various social activities. 

PRACTICE: This sensitizes the students for good behavior, attitude of High social values and responsible citizens with spirituality. 



OBJECTIVE OF THE PRACTICE: Holiness is next to Godliness, to begin a day with a prayer, in submission to God, creates a sense of unity and solidarity. Our institute pays extra attention in performing a very effective prayer session every morning during the Assembly. 

A high quality college assembly is one of the most important aspects of curriculum. Its potential to nurture a positive college ethos that emphasizes for the self, others and the pursuit of all forms of excellence should not be underestimated. It powerfully nurtures the development of intra personal intelligence.

The main of objectives of the prayer is to make all the faculty members and students to assemble in one place and to communicate information about the daily or weekly activities of the college. Students gather in assembly daily to perform Morning Prayer, to readout news and sing college song as well as perform exercise in order to make them active and energetic. 


The main purpose of conducting assembly is

1.To develop a feeling of affiliation and unity among students.

2.To acquaint students with the college events more clearly.

3.To develop in students a sense of identity with the college.

4.To motivate students by positive reinforcements in the form of praise or rewards awarded in public. 

CONTEXT : The assembly is quite relevant as information is passed to all members of staff and

students through a single announcement to avoid complaint against lack of awareness about any event or happening of the college. This get-together avoids discrimination and student unrest as it creates familiarity with one another. 

EVIDENCE OF SUCCESS: This is a harmonious and healthy practice followed since the inception of the institution in 1997.The College conducts assembly every day at 8.30 am.

 The assembly comprises, 


Compliance of dates and schedules by one and all in the institution itself is an evidence for

success of this practice. All are abreast and updated with information.

To sum up, the Daily Assembly creates a bonding among the 2500 strong student community, all united in a feeling of loyalty towards their institution. It comprises a prayer as well as moral teachings which help in the holistic development of the student, making them not just a good student but more importantly, a good human being.


OBJECTIVE OF THE PRACTICE: Organic farming is a production system which avoids or largely excludes the use of synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, genetically modified organisms and livestock food additives.

CONTEXT : Organic farming uses method like green manure and composting which replaces nutrients taken from the soil from the previous crops, organic farming relies on natural breakdown of organic matter and hence allows the production of nutrients in the soil. It improves soil fertility and feeds nutrients to the soil to feed the plant. Organic farming is one of the effective method for soil management.


The degradable waste and litter collected in the campus dumped into a pit for Vermi

compositing converted to organic manure. This organic manure used for our kitchen Garden as well as Herbal Garden. The vegetables and Greens cultivated in the kitchen Garden of campus are grown by organic method which is pesticide free. Student gains knowledge on how to grow good quality Vegetables and Greens as well nutritive values of them. 

Herbal Garden contains various medicinal plants like Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Stevia, Phyllanthus Amarus (khizhanelli), Goose berry, Acalypha indicia (Kuppaimeni), Ginger, Neemetc.,